August 3, 2021

Patagonia hires new general manager EMEA

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Patagonia, the California-based outdoor apparel manufacturer has hired Matthijs Visch as general manager of Patagonia EMEA. Visch will join Patagonia in May 2021, working from the company’s Amsterdam-based EMEA headquarters.

In his new role, Visch will oversee Patagonia’s business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which today includes more than 230 employees and 11 stores. He reports to John Collins, Patagonia’s vice president of global sales.

Visch succeeds Ryan Gellert, who has transitioned into the role of global CEO of holding company Patagonia Works, after six years of leading Patagonia’s team in EMEA.

Prior to Patagonia, Visch spent 19 years at Nike, most recently as general manager of EMEA East.

“Meeting Matthijs, I was impressed by his compassionate, authentic approach to leadership and team-building. He has lived all over the world and brings rich experiences and diverse perspectives to his work. He is a trail runner and skier,
 shares Patagonia’s commitment to protecting the wild places around us and brings with him a dedication to social justice. As we continue to grow our business and our environmental activism, throughout the EMEA region, I feel confident that Matthijs is the right person to lead the business and our people on the journey ahead,” says John Collins.


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