June 23, 2021

online store for sustainable running products

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The Good Run is the first online store to launch that focuses on sustainable products for runners. “There hasn’t been a proper platform for them yet,” says co-founder Kathi Hoffmann. “And that’s where we want to be the first address in the future.”

Every product offered should pursue at least one ecological, economic or social impact – or all three: i.e. environmentally friendly production, fair working conditions and/or social business. Customers can filter the products according to these criteria. No matter what they ultimately choose: A portion of the purchase price of each item goes as a donation to charitable organizations and projects that support less privileged athletes.

Currently, brands on The Good Run include Veja, District Vision, Patagonia, Girlfriend Collective, 4254, Casall and Ciele. This range is now to be expanded, also to include other footwear providers.

The founders’ approach is not a dogmatic one. “What’s most important for making better purchasing decisions is transparency,” Hoffmann is convinced. “Which products one finds ‘good’ is then a very individual thing.” Seals and certificates are not a mandatory criterion for The Good Run makers. “Small labels in particular can’t necessarily afford this seal,” says Hoffmann, who is not only a passionate runner but also has plenty of product know-how as a clothing engineer. “But that doesn’t make these labels any less sustainable. We had our own first products made in a factory in Portugal, for example, alongside products from a major brand that carry a seal because of that manufacturing.”

The Good Run 'Runactivist' tank top

The Good Run ‘Runactivist’ tank top

Originally, Kathi Hoffmann had the idea for her own sustainable brand – by athletes for athletes. “But actually there are already super brands. But so far there is no real platform for them. And that’s where we want to be the first address in the future.”

First address for runners looking for sustainable running and sports fashion – and thus also for the brands. For those who are already sustainable, but also for those who are on their way to more sustainability. All of the founders work with sports brands in the professions they now – still – continue to pursue alongside The Good Run. They would like to do that more in the future under The Good Run banner. “That can go in the direction of product development, design collabs, but also communication projects and events for the community.” Hoffmann knows a thing or two about building communities. After launching Run Pack in Berlin, one of the first running crews in this country, she built the Adidas Runners community in Germany.

The Good Run 'International Running Day' singlet

The Good Run ‘International Running Day’ singlet

Sustainability plays a role not only at the supply level, but also in the form of the company. The Good Run was founded as a social enterprise, with initial funding secured through a crowdfunding round. The online store is said to be the centerpiece of a grand vision: “We want to make the sporting goods industry more sustainable, want to effect real change.”

Where does my clothing come from, who made it, and what impact does it have on the environment? “More and more customers are asking themselves these questions,” Hoffmann said. “To apply that to sports as well is not so easy. During our research, we came across so many exciting sports and running brands that not only look good and meet high quality standards, but are also ‘good’ at the same time. But you have to find them first. With The Good Run, we want to give people easy access to good products that they can use to support owner-managed businesses. Companies that make products whose primary goal is not profit, but a sustainable change in the way we live consumption.”

[Note: The original version of this article has been published 01 April 2021 on textilwirtschaft.de]


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