July 24, 2021

Not all Mexican made denim is mass-produced

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To some, denim manufacturing is just a business. To others, like Vanessa Troice and Daniela Askenazi of Piso Uno, making jeans is an art, a philosophical practice steeped in tradition and intellectual fortitude. This, it just so happens, results in some incredibly stylish jeans produced with heart, in the heart of Mexico.

Friends since the age of 12, Troice and Askenazi founded their brand in 2018, working together in a type of synergetic sisterhood, Troice taking on the role of creative director and designer while Askenazi heads up the brand’s marketing and communications. “We share the same values, common projects, principles, the love for denim and for our planet,” says Troice. “We empower self motivation, self acceptance, imagination, creation and uniqueness.”

Vanessa Troice (l.) and Daniela Askenazi, Piso Uno

Vanessa Troice (l.) and Daniela Askenazi, Piso Uno

And they’re not kidding. What may seem a minimalist cool pair of cuffed dark wash is actually rooted deeply in the pair’s belief in “earthing,” the practice of standing firmly on the ground while embracing the world without judgment. Or the Japanese practice of “Kintsukuroi,” which allows us to understand and accept one another’s flaws. Throw in some serious amounts of sustainability, innovation, quality and passion and you have something unique to the denim world, a pair of Piso Uno jeans (that retail for about $95).

Men's jeans by Piso Uno

Men’s jeans by Piso Uno

Although the pair design and produce in Mexico, they are integrally different from the factories doing huge denim production south of the border. “There are a lot of towns in Mexico that work with denim,” says Askenazi. “But they make big productions and we keep production small. We found a small workshop of denim experts and they help us create a Mexican brand with very high quality.”

Jacket by Piso Uno

Jacket by Piso Uno

Troice explains further: “Everything in our brand started with the feelings we were having in our twenties. We wanted to create a brand that suited our values and the way we live our daily lives. Human beings, like denim, find meaning in experience. We go through moments and transitions that shape us, breaking, tearing and unraveling us. It gives new meaning that helps us grow and become valuable.”

Creative details like jeans jacket cuff styling at the ankle or large denim bows up the side, show a playful side to the Piso Uno brain that simultaneously values both disruption design and classic styles.

Jeans and dungarees by Piso Uno

Jeans and dungarees by Piso Uno

Currently selling only in Mexico, the female power duo behind Piso Uno look toward selling internationally, all the while, “Pushing people’s individuality forward,” says Askenazi. “We care about fair trade and are in a constant cycle of learning and growth, working with a denim factory that has been actively involved in the protection and preservation of the environment.”

[Please note: This article was published in our Bluer Than Blue issue, #294]



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