June 22, 2021

New Favorite Home Scent | Damsel In Dior

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I guess I’ve been living under a rock.

I have definitely seen Coqui Coqui out and about at stores, but for some reason I never picked up a diffuser and took a whiff. Boy was I missing out. I have found my new home signature scent. I honestly cannot get enough of this Tabaco diffuser and I wish it came in a hand soap, lotion, bath oil… the list goes on.

Here are a few of my all time favorite home scents:

Cire Trvdon Carmelite // Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri // Byredo Suede Hand Wash // Byredo Tree House

If you can’t tell by the above, I’m drawn to musky, tobacco and woodsy scents that make me feel warm and fiery. What is your favorite home scent?

xoxo jacey


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