October 22, 2021

My Quarterly Mind, Body & Soul Reset Program

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I spoke a little bit about the cleanse that Grant and I are doing on social media and a lot of you seemed quite interested in hearing more.

Diets are really my thing, but a few times a year I will do a 10 day reset for my mind, body and soul. It usually naturally presents itself to me at the start of every new season. It’s kind of interesting how nature almost naturally pushes me for this quarterly reset.

10 days is usually the goal I set for myself because it feels very manageable and very realistic. If I’m feeling strong, which I usually am, I take a free day to eat and drink and not worry about my plan and then  re-up for another 10 days.

Here’s a quick run down of what we like to do. Please know that this is not for everyone. This is just what we have found works for us!

10 Day Sugar Free

By sugar, I mean processed sugar. Basically anything that has a label must read 0g of sugar on the back. You’ll be surprised by how many things you eat have hidden sugars in them which can really add up to your overall intake. Sugar messes with your overall mood, energy levels and metabolism. We definitely allow ourselves to enjoy natural sugar {i.e. fruits} but no processed sugars during the 10 days.

One of my best friends produced the movie, Fed Up, which does a deep dive in to how we are all addicted to sugar. I strongly recommend watching this documentary to give you a very strong toolbox of inspiration, motivation and guidelines to doing the 10 day “Fed Up” sugar free challenge.

Not only do Grant and I both feel better after doing the 10 days, we always come out a few pounds lighter too (which doesn’t hurt!).

Healthy Grains, No Unhealthy Carbs

I love me some carbs! But for me it’s a very slippery slope and before I know it I will find myself sweeping through the Popeye’s drive through for a quick popcorn chicken snack. During our 10 day reset, we try to eliminate as many heavy carbs as possible. I think it goes without saying that we do not allow any fast food during this time.

Rather than white rice, we eat brown rice. Instead of packaged oatmeal in the morning, we enjoy a smoothie or take the extra 5 minutes to make grains from scratch with almond milk.

Honestly, the entire process just takes a bit more planning but we always feel better eating cleaner and leaner.

No Raw Fish

This has been a newer addition to our 10 day reset: No fish, no raw meats, and nothing uncooked! Grant and I have a Chinese herbalist that is focusing our attention on getting a nice gut cleanse plan for Grant which means eating more soups, broths, and cooked salmon, beef and chicken.

In the past, we would typically load up on sushi thinking that it was doing wonders for our system. She has course corrected us and I’m excited to see what it results in.

No Alcohol

Enough said.

Move, Move, Move

First comes food, then comes movement. 9 times out of 10 the quickest way to increase your mood and energy, along with shed a few inches off the belt, is by improving your diet. You can work out every single day of the week but if you eat cheeseburgers for dinner it’s going to be counterproductive.

Once we have our meals planned out, I do a deep dive into my work out plan. I already naturally work out 5 days a week, so during my 10 day reset I like to do something a bit outside of the box. Maybe I’ll try a new class or two that I’ve never done, or increase my workout times.

For this 10 day, I’m really hoping to do hot yoga more. I don’t want to set an expectation. I’m just promising to do more. 

Clean, Clean, Clean

We pick one room or one area of our house every other day of the 10 days and tackle it. It’s amazing how quickly stuff, just stuff, will pile up around the house. I like to use this time to not only do a deep clean, but really dive in to my home organizational skills and order bins and drawer organizers that I’ve been meaning to check off of my to do list.

My favorite are these adjustable drawer inserts as well as these adjustable dividers. I love the modular system for bathroom drawers too.

Clarity Cleanse

I always love to revisit one of my favorite books a few times a year, The Clarity Cleanse. If you haven’t read it, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s just a nice little reminder to continue in my practice of supporting emotional cleansing and allow negative emotions to pass rather than attach.

Phew! I think I covered it all! Was that too much? I just wanted to give you guys a full rundown of what our life looks like during our 10 day reset as I’ve mentioned it a few times but never really explain.

Is this something you guys do? Leave a comment below!

xoxo jacey


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