August 3, 2021

My Favorite Sunglasses Round-Up | Damsel In Dior

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One of the most common questions I get is about my sunglasses collection.

The trutht is, I tend to wear the same pair on repeat, year after year, and seldom do I bust out something new. That is why I thought it’d be helpful to do a quick round-up of my current favorites that I wear on rotation.

Please note that I have a pretty large head {haha!}. A lot of you have ordered the Super Oversized shades I wear a lot and laugh about how big they are. The are, well, “Super Oversized” but the remaining shades on my list below are all pretty standard sizes.

My newest pair are the ones in the feature image and below, the cat eye Liar Liar.

Liar Liar Cat Eye

This pair is my latest and greatest front runner on my list of favorites. I recently ordered a nice assortment from Amazon and I can’t seem to take these off.

Le Specs Caramel

Every time I wear this sweet pair of caramel shades I get endless compliments. I first thought they were too small for my head, but they seem to do the trick if I wear them slightly down on the bridge of my nose.

Super Oversized

They don’t call them super oversized for nothin’. If you’re rocking a big noggin’ like me, then you’ll love this pair. 

Quay After Hours

Last but not least, my most worn pair of sunglasses over the past 3….4…? years. I love, love the Quay After Hours sunglasses. They are solid strong and I’ve probably gone through 10 pair at least over the years.

xoxo jacey


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