April 11, 2021

My Al Fresco Dinner | Damsel In Dior

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I had hit a big cooking rut.

I love cooking! In fact, it’s my only true “alone time” I really get during my day. Grant and I both work from home together and are either working or watching over June. So, every day at around 5 or 5:30pm, Grant takes June outside to play in the yard while I play in the kitchen. I turn on some tunes, find my groove and get to cooking!

But as we enter our…6th? month of dealing with Covid (has it been six months?) I have definitely hit a wall with my cooking. I always make the same thing and it’s gotten quite boring. When Grant invited his parents over for a birthday dinner, al fresco style, I dug up some new recipes to try from my good friend “What’s Gaby Cookin.”

Firstly, I have to share that I see Gaby three times a week. She’s one of my real life friends that you don’t always see on my feed. I do not have enough nice things to say about this amazing person. Gaby is incredibly optimistic, funny and such a joy to be around. Her energy also bleeds into her recipes. We love, love her oils and spices from her William Sonoma Collection. Also her bloody mary mix is the best I’ve ever had {yes, ever!}.

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to actually try out one of her recipes {embarrassing} but boy am I glad I did! I’ve also included my Mom’s simple salmon recipe below that was a home run at our dinner too. Each recipe is linked below the pictures.

Vegetarian Mezze Platter

Peach Tomato Caprese

Spicy Garlic Green Beans

Mom’s Salmon Recipe: 

Pre-heat oven to 400F.

Drizzle olive oil over baking sheet and place salmon on top. Drizzle olive oil on salmon and season with Gaby’s Go To Blend + Garlic Salt + a little pepper + Capers, lots of capers but not too much of the juice. Place a slice of butter on top of each piece of salmon.

Spread spinach and tomatoes around the edges of the salmon and add a hearty amount of olive oil {so they don’t dry out} and salt for seasoning. Lots of salt.

Set aside some tomatoes and spinach to decorate the plate with later.

Bake for 20 minutes

As soon you take salmon out, you can add a little more butter to the top.

Serve on a pretty dish and enjoy!

xoxo jacey


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