August 3, 2021

Moving With A Toddler & Expert Tips From Dr. Organic Mommy

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We’re moving. But we’re not just “moving.” We are moving with a toddler.

Insert: Screams, clinginess, pushed bedtimes and added anxiety. Poor June. She has no idea what’s going on but over the past week or so she has definitely felt the energy shift in our household. As sofas disappear {we are selling a lot of our furniture} and boxes start to pile, her levels of insecurities have become obviously high. She’s hitting and has become more “mommy mommy” clingy. She also hasn’t been hitting her usual bed-time which June is typically great about.

I  did a lot of research online about how to handle this transition to make things easier on her. I knew it would be a little rough and that’s okay and to be expected. I’ve explained the move to her, taken her to the new house, reassured her, cuddled her more, etc. etc.. But when I posted about these challenges on Instagram, the infamous Dr. Organic Mommy reached out and offered her amazing services. Why NOT get some expert advice in this new arena we are in?! I was also so excited because I’ve been following her on Instagram for quite some time!

We had our call yesterday afternoon and thought I would post a few key takeaways from our chat.

1. Make a Book & Calendar Countdown

I loved this suggestion! We made June a book when she was having a hard time sticking to her night time routine and it worked like a charm. It makes complete since to print out photos of our current house, new house, and explanations of the changes happening in a book form. You can make it as simple as drawing stick figures {which I did the first time} or even have printed photos and tape them inside. For this move, I actually used Twigtale, which has easy to use templates.

Dr. Organic Mommy also suggested making a countdown calendar for how many sleeps are left before the big move. Because toddlers really have no concept of time, this made complete sense to me! We are already having fun crossing off the days and putting little stickers on the calendar together as part of our bed-time routine.

2. Sit With Feelings

June has been saying things a lot lately like, “Oh no! My Couch!” Before I spoke with Dr. Organic Mommy, we were somewhat brushing her through the space and moving along to the next activity. Rather than dismiss this comment, Dr. Organic Mommy suggested sitting with June as she is expressing her emotions. Next time June says “Oh no! My Couch!” for example, we will respond by acknowledging her feelings. “Yes June, the couch is gone, but we are getting a new couch. (pause)  Our house looks different right now. (pause) It’s okay to be sad that the couch left. (pause).” Pauses are very important because it takes toddlers longer to process their feelings.

“Our home is always you, me and daddy. And we are here with you, always.”

3. Connection Time

During this time, Dr. Organic Mommy suggests finding ways to connect with your little ones, especially if they are being clingy or having a hard time falling asleep. June has been resisting bedtime and has been extra clingy. She suggested incorporating her even more into my activities, such as cleaning up after dinner or brushing my teeth. We always try to incorporate June into our little, mundane day-to-day activities, but are doing this even more now.

4. Visit The New House

Not only did Dr. Organic Mommy suggest introducing June to the new house as much as possible leading up to the move, but she said on moving day to spend as much time as possible in her new room. Read books, cozy up, play and get June very, very used to and comfortable in the space.

5. Give Something To Look Forward To

Our new house comes with a pool which is very exciting for June. It’s all we talk about when we talk about the new house and this gets her nice and excited for the move. If your little one can understand, try and incorporate them in the choices being made for their room. “What color do you want to paint your room” is an easy and popular way to give your little one some sense of control and something to look forward to.

A few more key takeaways that Dr. Organic Mommy gave me when dealing with any and all toddler tantrums, challenges and situations was to remember the 3 parenting mantra’s:

  1. It’s my job to keep you safe
  2. It’s my job to keep you growing
  3. It’s my job to keep you kind

Have you moved recently with a toddler? Have any pro tips to share? Leave a comment below! 

xoxo jacey


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