June 23, 2021

Moving Day | Damsel In Dior

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What really makes a house a home?

Is it the walls, the roof and the floors? The furniture you bring in to cozy up the space? Some may think it’s the  color of paint you select for the walls or the way you bring your personality into a house with decorations, art and rugs. In many ways, the way we decorate and furnish our homes embody how we live and see ourselves.

But our spaces can, and will, evolve as we do as people. When Grant and I purchased this home, we were pregnant and moving from a house project that we had completely gutted and renovated from ground up. We were drawn to this 100 year old house because of its historic architecture, cozy feel and the community of the neighborhood it belonged to. A lot, and I mean a lot, has happened in our lives in the past three years. And a lot of life happened in this house: A pandemic, a pregnancy and the loss of our sweet Polly dog.

Grant and I both grew into new versions of ourselves while living in this home as we became parents. We also shed aspects of ourselves from the year’s leading up to life in this house. It’s hard to say that any “house” will be a forever home for us. As a couple who works and makes a living off of the real estate market and development, I can’t see us sitting still in one house for too long. But that doesn’t mean that this beautiful house didn’t feel like a home to us. It took care of us during some of the most challenging, and happy, years of our lives.

I think what makes a house feel like a home is the love that you pour into the space. We truly loved this house and it will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

xoxo jacey


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