May 16, 2021

Motivation Station: Making Your At-Home Desk An Inspiring Spot

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Over the years I didn’t really use a dedicated work spot, other than when we were at our office in town. With COVID, that all changed and we now solely work from home. Last year I decided I needed my own space, away from distractions, to go to use when I needed to concentrate and be alone. I am happy to say that I finally have my little work corner complete, including the smallest details – a vase for fresh flowers, a vignette frame with a picture of C and Thomas, and some pretty organizing accessories. Little details that add charm and just the right touch of happiness to inspire creativity. I rounded up more of my favorite desk accessories below…

colorful feminine home desk
colorful feminine home desk

A desk just isn’t complete without a notebook (or at least mine isn’t!). This set of three blank notebooks has beautiful decoupage artwork on the covers, adding inspiration for jotting down thoughts and ideas.

Charge all of your devices at once, while writing or getting work done, with this handy wireless charging pad that I keep on my desk and bedside table.

I have a collection of these keepsake gold frames that I love to hold photos of Clementine and our family in on my desk and around our house.

colorful feminine home desk
colorful feminine home desk


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