August 3, 2021

Modernized Action Hero Timepieces : Seiko Prospex ‘Arnie’ Watch

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The Seiko Prospex ‘Arnie’ Watch is a modern interpretation of the timepiece worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger — the 1982 Hybrid Diver’s Watch — in several of the classic 80s films he appeared in including Commando and Predator. The timepiece offers solar charging to keep it running and maintains a rugged construction that is ready to withstand exposure to the elements. The watch boasts a chronograph with a digital readout along with time, date and alarm functionality through the same display for enhanced efficiency.

The Seiko Prospex ‘Arnie’ Watch is finished with a power reserve indicator as well as a dual time capability, water resistance to 200-meters and is even ISO certified for SCUBA diving. Available in three styles to choose from, the timepiece is priced at $525.


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