April 13, 2021

Micro LED Watches : APHAEA Watch

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KONKA’s APHAEA Watch sets itself apart as the world’s first Micro LED watch and it leverages proprietary HMT technology developed by the Chongqing KONKA Optoelectronics Technology Research Institute. The watch boasts a P0.12AM-LTPS Micro LED screen, which reduces pixel pitch to just 0.12mm. The brilliant display offers a vibrant viewing experience and makes the most of the small amount of space that’s available on the wrist-worn wearable device.

The watch sets a new standard for high-resolution Micro LED consumer electronics products, especially thanks to a design that’s remarkably lightweight, affordable and reliable with reduced power consumption. Looking to the future, the Chinese technology company sees even more potential applications for Micro LEDs in consumer products.

Image Credit: KONKA


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