August 3, 2021

Material innovation for the watch industry

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With its material creation Bioceramic, Swiss watchmaker Swatch wants to set another example in terms of more sustainable production.

Bioceramic is a new mix of two-thirds ceramic and one-third bio-derived plastic; The ceramic is made of zirconium dioxide (a special ceramic originally developed for space travel and now used in industry and medical technology); the plastic is derived from three different types of biobased plastic based on castor oil. The addition of the plastic is said to make the ceramic more robust while giving it a soft touch. According to Swatch, Bioceramic has also thermal properties, allowing it to quickly adapt to body temperature.

The new material will initially be used on the case of the Big Bold model with its oversized 47 mm wide watch case; five color options (black, white, gray, sky blue and pink) will be offered, with a retail price of €125.

The case of Swatch's Big Bold watch is made of Bioceramic.

The case of Swatch’s Big Bold watch is made of Bioceramic.

The strap, watch crystal and straps are made of bio-derived plastic. The packaging is made of recyclable paper.

Bioceramic is not to be limited to the Big Bold model: by the end of 2021, the watch brand plans to “further explore the possible uses of Bioceramic in all major Swatch product lines.”

In September 2020, Swatch already launched a new material with a sustainable claim under the name Bioreloaded, in which conventional plastic was replaced by biological plastic based on castor oil. Bioreloaded as well as Bioceramic are part of Swatch Next, which will continuously introduce product and material innovations.


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