June 17, 2021

Magical Magnetic Ink Timepieces : INK-MAGNETIC Watch

1 min read

The conceptual ‘INK-MAGNETIC’ watch is an ultra-modern accessory for timepiece aficionados who are in search of a model that offers an unexpectedly different take on keeping time. The watch is equipped with a ferrofluid chamber in the face, which is augmented throughout the day with a series of magnetic arms underneath that will manipulate how the magnetic ink appears. This will create a truly artistic look and feel with everyday wear, while also putting a focus on a monochromatic finish that is as demure as possible.

The conceptual ‘INK-MAGNETIC’ watch is the design work of Han Ye and is the winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for 2020. The accessory maintains a Rorschach test-like appearance that would no doubt command attention were it created into a commercially available product.


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