April 11, 2021

Low-Cost Luxury Timepieces : ZEROO DT1

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The ZEROO DT1 timepiece is a luxury accessory that aims to transform perceptions of high-end watches and make them more accessible for a wider range of consumers to afford. The watch features a two-tourbillon design that puts the components at five and seven o’clock where they will rotate once per minute with accuracy that is enhanced thanks to synchronization. The accessible price point of the timepiece at just over $3,000 makes the watch inherently more applicable for more consumers instead of just being reserved for the wealthy.

The ZEROO DT1 timepiece is crafted with an octagonal case made from 316L stainless steel with a metal plate on the rear that has been finished with the Côtes de Genève microtexture. The top is covered with a sapphire crystal lens, while a polished leather strap is hand-stitched to perfection.


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