November 27, 2021

Low-Cost 70s-Inspired Timepieces : Q Timex 1979

1 min read

The latest Q Timex 1979 watches have been unveiled by the timepiece brand as a range of accessories that highlight a vintage aesthetic that’s perfect for cost-conscious collectors.

Priced at just $179 each, the watch comes in three color options that help to enhance the vintage look and feel of the accessory, while also giving it a high-end finish. The watches are all paired with a woven steel bracelet for durability and each feature a battery-powered design that calls back to yesteryear when these kind of timepieces were flooding into the market.

The Q Timex 1979 watches all have a 38mm case like the previous reissue and highlight a high-end look with a low-cost profile to accommodate buyers seeking out an affordable option.

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