May 6, 2021

Lighting The Home – Julia Berolzheimer

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Jana Bek Lamp

Even though our home is pretty much “fully” decorated, I can’t help myself but constantly still search and find things I love. Luckily, I have this place to share all of my favorites, instead of buying them all. But sometimes I do wish I had another room or two to decorate! I love finding unique pieces to add, especially vintage finds from an antique shop or Etsy. Our designer, Olivia, sourced some of the most beautiful lighting for our home- a mix of new and old. Something as simple as updating a plain white lampshade to a playful printed one, makes all the difference. I’ve found that updating lighting is one of the simplest ways to revitalize a room without committing to permanent change.

home lighting fixtures
home lighting fixtures

Serena & Lily Pendants, Vintage Lamp sourced by Olivia

Liven up your tables and dressers with this whimsical table lamp, adorned with delicate foliage and songbirds.

Bring the outdoors in with this tulip chandelier. A beautiful addition to an entryway, providing a warm welcome to your guests.

home lighting fixtures
home lighting fixtures


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