September 16, 2021

Life With a 21 Month Old Toddler

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“No, No No!”

I spend most of my nights on Google, trying to find ways to break June from only saying her new favorite word, which is “No!” I also do endless hours of research about things like “how to get a toddler in her car seat without her screaming bloody murder” and “how to get my toddler to put on shoes without sounding like I am killing her.”

It’s not that I don’t want her to say “no,” I just would really love it if she would use the other words that she knows, like “Yes” “Ball” and “More please!”

Although, all  of these things do make me laugh and love her all the more. We are crazy obsessed with June and this is such a fun age. She is walking, talking and full blown crazy with energy, personality and determination. It’s quite amazing to see her coming into her own (strong) personality.

Outside of an ear infection (argh) and a mild cold this month, which caused a few weeks of restless sleep, June is doing amazingly well (thankfully!). Our only concern right now is that she gets a bit bored, poor girl.

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Mama or Dada?

June definitely has a daily preference and sometimes it can be a bit heartbreaking. When June first starting screaming in pain because of her ear infection she wanted “Mama” (one point for me) and then when we got to the hospital she wanted “Dada” (one point for Grant). It’s been a tough learning lesson to not take this too personally. June just really wants to have a say in everything right now. Whenever I feel a little jealous I quickly remind myself how lucky we all are to have both Mama an Dada and that she loves us both .

Let There Be Sleep!

Once we made it past the 18 month sleep regression (that was killer) and the sleepless nights due to sickness, June is officially a pro at sleeping. We were really lucky that she’s always been a great sleeper, but we no longer have to pull out any tricks to get her back down. We have such a great rhythm and groove with each other that it is so much easier than before {hope I’m not jinxing us!}.

June Loves Stickers

Recently, June became obsessed with toys that take a bit more time to figure out. She is obsessed with stickers, coloring and puzzles that she has to figure out how to put together. She gets a bit frustrated if she can’t figure it out, so we try and step in to help guide her before she has a full meltdown out of frustration.

Don’t Mock Me!

You guys, June is mocking me. Okay so not in a snarky way but she is mimicking me! I am terrified (haha). I knew this day was coming but I honestly thought I had more time to beat all of my old habits out of myself. For example, the other day I got really frustrated with the oven and let out a “Uggggh!” and then June repeated it!!! I about died. Grant and I try not to make a big deal when she repeats us but we are definitely watching what we say and do around June a lot more than we used to!

Do you have a toddler? Are you a parent? Have any pro tips or updates to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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