August 5, 2021

Life Updates {June} | Damsel In Dior

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Hi my name is Jacey and the past two months have been a complete an utter whirlwind.

Where shall I begin?

We Moved

All in all, the move ran exceptionally smooth. We went up to the lake house for 2 weeks while our new house was being worked on. I’ve never been more thankful for Lake Arrowhead than I was during that time. It truly felt like a home away from home. June was also very comfortable there and we were able to avoid having her live in a construction zone.

I was anxious about the transition for June but she did so incredibly well. The first two weeks in our home were incredible. June slept every night without any issues and outside of my closet being built along with a few last minute repairs around the house, we didn’t have a lot of construction going on.

We’ve had several friend groups over for pool days and have been checking out the new area for restaurants and markets. I am obsessed with our new place and I cannot wait to share more about this soon!

We Got Sick

Ugh. The last 10 days or so our house was very sick. June had a head cold and then felt good for one day. Then she got a gnarly 24 hour stomach bug that caused her to run a 103 fever and she slept for nearly 18 hours straight! 

In the meantime, I tore my calf so badly that I could barely walk that week. I also had a IUD procedure done on Wednesday and come Thursday I could barely walk. I received X-Rays and an MRI and had a doctor instill the fear in me that it might be inter muscular lympha. Thank the heavens above that it was just a Grade 2 tear and I’m on the road to recovery!

June slept in the “big bed” with us while she was sick (that’s 9 nights going strong) and we basically were walking around like zombies for over a week.

We Healed

The first party that we’ve attended in a VERY long time was an epic pool party my brother threw for Pride. Even though we were still running on zero sleep and June was still slowly healing, we snuck out for a few hours while June napped to celebrate PRIDE!

About two weeks after sleeping in bed with us, we finally decided that June was fully healed and ready to try out her new “Princess bed.” June has been crawling out of her crib and the mattress is on the floor so we decided she was ready.

To our complete astonishment, we put her to bed and hit a home run on night one. I’m not counting my blessings quite yet as I know this was probably beginners luck but hey, we’re taking this as a WIN!

Book & Travel

Outside of the big transitions at home we have a lot on the forecast that I’m super excited about. My full manuscript is due in a couple of weeks so I’ve been spending every extra second of my time getting to fine tune my book which I’m super excited about. We also have not one, but two trips on the horizon.

Next week we’re heading up to Santa Ynez to see Grant’s family and we’re staying at San Ysidro Ranch. I’ve always dreamed of staying there! For the 4th of July we are headed off to Texas for a very big birthday celebration from my Meme. I cannot WAIT! This will be the first time June has seen a lot of my family since she was born.

How are you guys holding up? Have any fun things planned to look forward to?

xoxo jacey


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