December 2, 2020

Inspiring Quote-Engraved Timepieces : Gusard Mentor & Coach

1 min read

The Gusard Mentor & Coach timepieces are a premium range of accessories for those who are looking for an inspiring watch to wear on the regular that will subtly shift them in the right direction towards their goals. Each of the timepieces are engraved with a quote taken from an inspirational historical figure on the back, which can be read every time it’s taken off and put on. This will help to boost the wearer’s sense of accomplishment and remind them every day how capable they are to achieve their goals.

The Gusard Mentor & Coach timepieces come in six and four styles respectively, and are each crafted with a high-quality Swiss Quartz Ronda movement, genuine leather straps, anti-scratch sapphire crystal and more.


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