August 3, 2021

I’m Decluttering My House {Here’s How}

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It’s round three of Jacey declutters her house in 2020.

I’m sure I’m not alone in the desire to do a deep, deep clean in my house. I’ve cleaned my house more this year than ever before, yet I still feel overwhelmed by clutter. Every drawer, every closet and even our refrigerator have so many little odds and ends that we never actually use, and I have literally had it up to here (my hand is over my head). I really want to enter the new year with a fresh, clean and happy slate.

I’m going big!

The other day I was curled up on the couch in my favorite throw blanket. June also has a favorite blankie by Gooselings that she loves. It’s the only one she sleeps with, yet I have a trunk filled with about 5 other blankets for June and I also have a basket full of about 5 more throw blankets for myself. However, both myself and June have our favorite blanket. When I really considered why I love the blanket so much the answer was simple: It makes me happy.

This week Grant and I vowed that we would do a very big decluttering of our house. Or goal is to weed out anything that we do not actually use and/or need and we will donate the rest to charity. Our additional goal is to only keep items in our home that “spark joy” (thank you Marie Kondo)!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work toward decluttering your own space.

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1. Have a Purpose

I think that by knowing our lightly worn pieces will be donated to charity, it gives us motivation and inspiration. By helping others in need we feel less inclined to hold on to things that we don’t really use all that much.

2. Set Goals

Either make a list or an agreement to do one room at a time. You can also set a completion date for your clean up. Whether it’s a studio apartment that needs to have all drawers and cabinets carefully cleaned out, or a 3 bedroom house that you need to work through room by room, break down your decluttering by rooms, areas of your space and/or categories to make it feel more manageable.

3. If You’re Torn

Sometimes when I am decluttering I feel truly torn on an item. It’s usually an item of clothing and I almost always make a promise “I’ll wear this in a month!” If you find yourself pondering over a piece in your home or closet, make a mental note to hang on to it and give yourself a month. Truly take in how often you actually use or wear the item and at the end of the month do another sweep through the things you were on the fence about.

4. Take Photos

I know it’s my job to document my life, but it also feels so great to take a before and after photo of your space. Trust me, you will feel super productive and accomplished once you see the proof of your hard work.

5. Sleep On It

When I’m decluttering my house, I go into a crazy lady mode. I toss a lot. And then, I sleep on it before I actually take the bags away. You will know when you wake up in the morning if there’s something you shouldn’t get rid of.

Do you have any pro-decluttering tips? Leave a comment below!


xoxo jacey


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