November 27, 2021

How to Perfect the Art of the Slow Shave in 5 Steps

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Most mornings, a once-over with an electric razor will suffice. But certain days call for the ultimate slow shave with minimal irritation and no ingrown hairs. Here is your five-step step, at-home, barber-shop-worthy routine.

Perfect the Art of the Slow Shave in 5 Steps

1. Exfoliate

Just like sanding wood before staining it, the gritty L:A Bruket Petitgrain Face Scrub ($34) uses sea salt to gently slough off the outer layer of rough, dead skin, reducing razor drag. The almond oil it contains softens and calms the face.

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2. Condition

Pat your face dry with a clean washcloth, and apply a few drops of Acqua di Parma Barbiere Shaving Oil ($66). The lemon peel oil and basil extract–infused formula with hyaluronic acid softens hair and skin for better razor glide.

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3. Lather

Pick a shave agent that hydrates skin with natural oils and extracts, like Claus Porto’s Musgo Real Classic Scent Shaving Soap ($50 with lather bowl). Whip it with a badger brush until it’s aerated, which will take a couple of minutes.

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4. Shave

Supply Single-Edge 2.0 Safety Razor ($75) is an easy introduction to a single-blade razor, facilitating a close shave with fewer bumps and ingrown hairs. If you have irritation-prone skin, avoid shaving same spot more than once or twice.

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5. Protect

Give your skin a cold-water rinse to close the pores, then apply a nickel-size amount of Bevel’s Restoring Aftershave Balm ($15). It soothes on contact and helps reduce the dark spots that come from razor burn.

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