May 9, 2021

How Nudie Jeans is becoming more transparent

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Starting from winter 2020, Nudie Jeans wants to become even more transparent as it encourages the consumer to track its jeans’ productive journey back to the cotton fields.

Since 2001 when it was born, the Swedish denim brand has always strived to become more sustainable. Later on it understood the importance and role that transparency can play and now, launching its winter 2020 collection, it is taking things a step further by introducing its product-level transparency.

With the winter 2020 collection, customers will be able to learn everything about its supply chain transparency when shopping at Supply chain data will be accessible, from raw material and production processes to the final stages of manufacturing. It will include summaries of conducted factory audits and certifications. Further information about suppliers will still be available in its website’s section the Production Guide (see photo).

Production guide section on Nudie Jeans' website

Production guide section on Nudie Jeans’ website

“Without transparency, there’s no way for us to address non-compliances within our supply chain. And it’s our responsibility to keep everyone involved in the production safe and lessen our environmental impact,” said sustainability manager Sandya Lang, referring to a quote by not-for-profit global movement Fashion Revolution: “Transparency is a tool for change, not the end goal.”

In 2013 Nudie Jeans had taken its first step toward public supply chain-transparency with the launch of the Production Guide on the brand’s website. As part of its strategy it also organizes supplier visits every year to ensure the social and environmental well being of everyone involved in creating Nudie Jeans products.

Nudie Jeans look

Nudie Jeans look

“Working together with our suppliers and forming stronger bonds makes it possible for us to share this data with our customers,” added Lang. “We know there are things to improve, but we are proud to be able to offer this service.”

Nudie Jeans’ next step expected for spring 2021 will be to also include information about CO2 emissions and water usage per product and supplier through actual data from its suppliers.


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