August 5, 2021

Hailey Bieber Stepped Out in These Chic, Skin-Tight Saint Laurent Leggings

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Hailey Bieber, who turns 24 years old today, stepped out in Los Angeles on Friday in a chic black outfit that proved, even in 2020, sometimes it feels good to put on something besides sweatpants. She paired her shiny black latex Saint Laurent leggings with a YSL belt, a leather jacket, a polka-dot blouse, and a pair of black heels with gold buckles. She added a matching black face mask and patent leather purse.

The pants, designed by Anthony Vaccarello, retail for $890 on

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In a May interview with, Bieber, who has been spending quarantine with her husband, Justin Bieber, shared some of the details of how she was passing the time inside this spring.

“I don’t consider myself a TikToker,” says Hailey Bieber, though she has 3.1 million fans… which is more people than the entire state of Kansas. “It’s been fun to goof around, but I hope people don’t think I’m being insensitive or ignoring what’s happening in the world right now.”

In the interview, Bieber also shared why she and Justin have decided to open up about their marriage on their Facebook Watch series, Biebers on Watch.

“I really value our privacy,” she said. “Especially because with Justin, he’s never had a private life really. He’s so used to it that he doesn’t mind being so open with people. I’m the opposite. Opening our home to videos and being more active on social media and bringing people into what we’re doing is so strange for me! But doing the Facebook Watch show has actually been really helpful for that.”

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