May 11, 2021

Great Gifts for Jetsetter Who Isn’t Traveling

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It’s safe to say that all of our travel junkie friends have had a rough year {present party included}.

After all, we’ve been grounded for nearly 12 months due to Covid-19 restrictions which hasn’t felt as glitz and glamorous as the usual flight to NY or Paris here and there. Needless to say, there are many of us who are longing for a flight to anywhere at this point, but are also playing it extra safe and staying home during this pandemic.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t gift your family and friends a little something that will help them reminisce. Here are a few favorites for those people in your life who love to travel.

Retro on the Road

I absolutely love the look of this and think it would be an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys music or travel.


Steam Team

Want to get someone a practical gift? Maybe someone who travels for work? It’s handy, tiny and packs well, and can be used now too!


Sass & Bell
Cute and Kitchy

And also inspiring! Think about how much money the recipient is saving by not traveling this year. Hopefully this will inspire the many trips to come.



Lastly, I love the idea of getting them inspired to start brainstorming their next trip with an Airbnb Gift Card. It’s also just so fun to look at different Airbnbs all across the world, so it’ll give them a great quarantine activity!

xoxo jacey


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