November 30, 2021

Great Books for Troubling Times

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No matter where you are in the world or what stage you’re at in life, this pandemic is affecting all of us.

It’s universal, a common ground.

As we all strive to be our best selves during troubling times, I wanted to suggest 5 of my favorite books that have personally helped me through rough times. Whether it was a hard week, a troubling work issue or a loss in our family, the below books truly helped me in different ways. Any time someone asks me how I coped with the loss of William, I recommend When Things Fall Apart. It’s not only a great read for when you feel like your world is flipped upside down, but it’s a nice book to pick up from time to time for  a quick reminder to stay in the present.

For more of my favorite books, click here.

What reads do you turn to in troubling times? Leave a comment below!

xoxo jacey

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