August 5, 2021

Giving jeans a second life

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Wearing aged secondhand jeans helps stress the intrinsic beauty of denim. Furthermore, following specific rules in playing the game can make a difference and further hype their character.

Antonio Di Battista, denim designer and owner of jeans brand Blue Blanket, has just launched The Reborn limited edition project, a new idea and an experiment born to give his jeans brand a second life.

Blue Blanket website

Photo: Screenshot Blue Blanket

Blue Blanket website

“I have given the same style of jeans, our iconic regular standard five-pockets P01, to 30 friends and asked them to wear them as long as possible without washing them. This allowed the jeans to evolve into a real used look and preserve their dark indigo. Following our suggestions, the jeans have kept their attractive patina over their life and have broken in naturally. The first wash is very important. The later it happens, the better it will look afterwards.”

After a period that varied between eight and 24 months, the brand has taken these worn jeans back, washed and repaired them with the purpose of giving them a second life.

“Thanks to this process, each pair looks unique and has a different character from all the others,” Di Battista pointed out.

These 30 limited edition pairs are available in different sizes and shade of blue according to how each wearer has used them. They are now sold at retail at €299 through only.


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