October 22, 2021

Forged Carbon Case Timepieces : G-SHOCK Mudmaster GWG-2000

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The G-SHOCK Mudmaster GWG-2000 watch has been unveiled by the brand as its latest accessory that will provide outdoor enthusiasts with a way to seamlessly keep time as they go about their routine.

The timepiece is constructed with a forged carbon case to make it the first of its kind from the brand, while also helping to give it a lightweight yet strong silhouette. The accessory is achieved with a mixture of carbon fibers and resin for the entire mid-section of the case as well as the lugs and guard claws.

The G-SHOCK Mudmaster GWG-2000 watch offers improved resistance to the elements, and comes in three finish options including a military-look khaki, monochrome gray and a sand beige priced at £699 each.


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