July 24, 2021

Fil Noir widens product range

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Fil Noir, supplier of casual shirts with Italian roots based in Germany, widens its range of products and expands in Europe.

New Products
Fil Noir Respect, the capsule collection with a sustainable approach launched in fall/winter ‘20, is extended. In addition to shirts made of 100% organic cotton, shirts and blouses made of GOTS-certified linen and poplin complement the range.

Fil Noir also wants to follow the sustainable idea in terms of packaging: The shirts are not held with needles, but with a bow made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Each shirt is delivered in a GOTS-certified cotton bag. The retailer also has the option of collecting unused bags and returning them via the agent at the end of the season. The cardboard boxes can also be returned to the shipper upon delivery if desired.

Mens’ shirts retail between 99 and 129 Euro, ladies’ shirts between 119 and 139 Euro.


A new product line is launched for summer ’21 with so-called ‘Slow Wear-City Shirts’ catering the ongoing process of more casual looks also in work life replacing traditional business and suit shirts. The shirts feature a more relaxed look and fit with jeans and chinos. The average retail price is 100 Euro.


More dates
Instead of three, Fil Noir now offers four delivery dates from s/s 2021 on, each covering a different color spectrum:

Pre-date, 23 November to 05 December 2020
Delivery date 1, 01-20 January 2021
Delivery date 2, 01-20 February 2021
Delivery date 3, 01-20 March 2021

Within the deadlines, the dealers are free to divide the ordered items as they see fit and are not bound to a minimum order. The prices remain stable, Fil Noir states.


Online tool
To simplify ordering, the shirt expert has developed an online tool that allows customers to preview the collection in advance and order it by e-mail or in person. With the help of a personalized password, which is issued by the agent in charge, customers have the opportunity to view the collection online for a period of seven days. The order can be placed by e-mail or at a personal appointment in the showroom. An online order is not yet possible, but is planned for the future.


After expanding sales to Canada for the 2020 winter season, Fil Noir is expanding its men’s collection Fil Noir Uomo to Great Britain and Belgium starting with the summer ’21 season.


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