July 25, 2021

Expansive Smartwatch Strap Collections : Meridio Apple Watch straps

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The Meridio Apple Watch straps are a premium range of accessories for the namesake smartwatch that will provide them with an expansive number of ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wearable.

The straps come in the REcycle, Apple Skin, Caoutchouc, Tide, Fluo, Urban, Vintage, Nappa, Bullet Proof, Clay, Ancient, Suede, Heritage, Reptilia and Galuchat collections to choose from. This enables the wearer to pair the device with an eco-friendly option, a leather one that will show its age with continued wear and much more.

The Meridio Apple Watch straps are inexpensively priced to start and come in a full range of sizes from 40 to 44mm to ensure compatibility with the latest smartwatch models as well as previous generations.


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