June 22, 2021

Everything I Ordered From Amazon in May

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It was a pretty big month with our move so a lot of my purchases from Amazon included light bulbs, home items and okay, okay fine maybe a few fashion pieces for summer.

All in all, I felt like it was an extremely productive month and I’m pretty excited to share a lot of the good finds I discovered on Amazon below. As always, these posts are in no way sponsored and I will leave my honest reviews below.

Bike Shorts

I love love love these shorts I’m wearing in the feature image. I was getting a little *too* hot in hot yoga so I’ve since switched to wearing these and I’m obsessed!


I honestly love this tiny black step stool that now gives me an easy way to reach high shelves and cabinets. I saw black step-stools on some pretty high end designer websites for so much more $$ and this one feels like a great steal.

Organizational Boxes

While I had someone come in to my home to help us organize {more on that soon}, I still seemed to need a few extra bins for miscellaneous things like June’s bows and socks. I like the various sizes that comes in this set and it’s super budget friendly.

Black Wash Cloths

There are several reasons why I insisted that we implement black washcloths in our bathrooms. Firstly, we use these instead of paper towels when we wash our hands. They’re a one time use solution for hand towels too which seem to always get so worn in over time. I was also finding that my cute bathroom towels were getting ruined from make-up so I opted for these instead. Upon first use, I was extremely disappointed to find that black shed off the towels. But after 2 washes, they stopped shedding and now I’m such a happy camper, that I’ve ordered even more!

Black Summer Dress

The quality of this dress exceeds its price tag. It honestly feels like a $100 dress and it comes in so many different colors. I strongly recommend it!

Laptop Bed Tray

I saw someone on IG post this and thought I really *needed* it. The truth is, it’s been sitting under my desk as a foot stool.

Egg Cooker

This was another kitchy purchase I made from IG and I honestly love it. I thought I would use it a few times, but I”m honestly using it almost every morning to quickly boil 2 eggs for breakfast. I’m a super fan.

Roomba Regret

I mean, I had really high hopes for this Roomba. It kind of works but also tends to run super low on battery. It doesn’t really map my house at all. It more turns around in circles. Plus, you have to empty the bin A LOT. Two thumbs down for me.

Kick Ass Colander

This is one of those purchases I made on a whim that I honestly use each and every single day. It’s the best solution for drying out random things like pacifiers and I keep vegetables in it that I’m going to cook that day. I just really love this product!

Sun Tent

No. Just, no. 

Best Amazon Purchase

I saw a random Reddit article a few months back about this appliance being the #1 sold on Amazon. Well, I had to try it out for myself plus I am a true sucker for pellet Sonic-like ice cubes. I’m happy to report that this beautiful ice maker lives in our garage and I’ve used it every day since we moved in. I do not have a single bad thing to say about this amazing purchase! Would make for an excellent Father’s Day gift!

xoxo jacey


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