July 25, 2021

Editor’s Note: Fresh from the press: The SPIN OFF #02!

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“Courageous at the present time. Just right.” This praise was written to me by a retailer after she had read through the first issue of The SPIN OFF–one of the pieces of feedback we were most pleased to receive. It confirms that we launched a magazine with exactly the right topics at exactly the right time. Now we are even happier to present the second edition of The SPIN OFF!

Not only because it’s motivating in times of global crisis when someone dares to do something after all and launches a new product on the market, but also because we’ve obviously hit a nerve with The SPIN OFF: we’re dedicating ourselves to the topics that make the fashion industry as a whole fit for the future–sustainability above all.

Still the biggest challenge is choosing the companies, products and people we feature in The SPIN OFF. In the meantime, it seems, every brand is given a sustainable and inclusive image and, at best, content to match. That marketing–versus wanting to make an actual difference–is the driver for some has long been no secret. But that doesn’t stop us from presenting the faces and stories that want to modernize the fashion industry, even if they may only provide initial impetus and ideas, simply daring to think outside the box.

“If everything is to stay the same, everything must change” is a famous quote from Lampedusa’s The Leopard. In this issue of The SPIN OFF, we also ask ourselves whether everything should stay as it is at all.

Sabine Kühnl
Executive Editor, The SPIN OFF

P.S. Special thanks to our cover model Ibrahima Ndiaye and photographer Giuseppe Triscari


Launch Day: Welcome The SPIN OFF!

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Editor’s Note


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