January 21, 2021

Duvetica wants to strike back

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Duvetica, the down jacket brand born in Italy in 2004 (also see here), is back. It was bought in 2018 by Korean group F&F, a company listed on the Seoul Stock Market Exchange and operating in the fashion business in the Far East. It produces and distributes men’s and women’s apparel, sportswear and casualwear collections along with bags, hats and other accessories according to licensing agreements for MLB, Discovery, Renoma and Elle Sports. It also manages it own brands including Banilla B.

Duvetica recently started a collaboration project with Italian department store Rinascente and opened three pop-up stores–in Milan, Florence and Rome–in October 2020, to be followed by a fourth one in Turin expected to start operating on November 23. It also recently inaugurated duvetica.com, a refreshed e-commerce website to further expand the brand in Europe, the US and Asia.

Luca Piani, CEO of Duvetica, explains the strategies of this relaunch.

Luca Piani, Duvetica

Luca Piani, Duvetica

What are the characteristics of the new Duvetica?
Its distinguishing aspects are the softness of its jackets, the use of ultralight fabrics and a cool interpretation of digital techniques. These items’ multichromatic effect is obtained through a digital 3-D printing technique, but also through a glitch that purposely produces a disturbed though positive visual aspect. The zipper, an iconic element of the brand, is reinterpreted according to a contemporary language, a reversible aesthetic and logo-mania effects. Modern fitting belts, trendsetting vests, material and metallic effects also characterize this versatile and multichannel collection designed by a pool of Italian designers who are part of the brand’s Milan Creative Studio.

The main collection includes about 100 styles usually developed in three colors. It offers about 80% outer jackets while the remaining part includes jersey items like sweatshirts and T-shirts.


Where is it manufactured?
Items are entirely produced in Europe and especially in Bulgaria.

Duvetica women's look

Duvetica women’s look

Who is it aimed at?
The Duvetica men’s and woman’s collection has no limits as it is born for a generation that is free from descriptions and borders and finds a meeting point in the digital dimension. Today it is aimed at a final consumer whose average age is 35 and the average price for a winter jacket is about €600.


When did you start this revamp?
It started from fall/winter 2020-2021, but its new identity will be much more evident starting from the winter 2021 precollection.

Where are you selling it most now?
Duvetica is sold in 300 doors worldwide. Its main markets are Italy, Germany and the UK.

Duvetica corner at Rinascente

Duvetica corner at Rinascente

What are your future aims?
We have ambitious goals as we aim to reach a double-digit growth for at least the next four years and reach a 800-door distribution in the next few years.


How do you want to increase your presence in Europe?
Our aim is to create a phygital drive-to-store experience through a project that will see the activation of pop-up stores and collaborations with some multibrand clients in addition with starting to sell through other department stores. We also would like to potentiate our online distribution channel and affiliation with some of the market’s top digital players.


How will you make the brand further expand in Asia?
The brand’s distribution policy in Asia aims to expand through the direct retail channel, through temporary stores and the digital channel through more articulated payment forms and immediate and interactive purchasing experience.


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