August 5, 2021

Discover Adriano Goldschmied’s new Green Selvedge adventure

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The next frontier in eco-friendly authentic denim is Green Selvedge, a new denim selection developed by House of Gold, an LA-based company specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing premium denim-inspired fabrics, co-founded by denim guru Adriano Goldschmied and expert denim insider Vincenzo Morrocco.

This newborn denim selection offers a series of fabrics that have the same aspect of traditional denim and are made with cotton and dyed with indigo. Although they are made with natural fibers and produced according to innovative dyeing processes featuring hemp, recycled cotton, cotton-less alternatives and various other sustainable processes such as, for instance, the company’s Wizard Fabric technology, which saves 75% of chemicals, 60% of water, 50% of energy and releases 45% CO2 fewer emissions when compared with traditional denim manufacturing processes.

Green Selvedge fabrics by House of Gold

Green Selvedge fabrics by House of Gold

Goldschmied, who is also president of House of Gold, commented: “I am part of the generation that created the ‘authentic’ jean in the ’80s. Now I am bringing back the ‘authentic’ jeans from that time. At the end of the ’80s, I worked with Japanese mills to recreate the selvedge of the ’50s. Today, the biggest point in our business is to rethink our whole process to make our jeans sustainably. That’s why I decided to create a collection out of authentic selvedge fabrics following a new concept of sustainability and reducing the presence of cotton by introducing new fibers of the future, like, for instance, Tencel and hemp.”


Adriano Goldschmied: ‘It’s time we follow different business models’


Adriano Goldschmied: ‘It’s time we follow different business models’

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