November 30, 2021

Decathlon launches new self-checkout service

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Without cash register, terminal or staff: Decathlon introduces a new payment service. With Scan & Go, customers can shop completely contactless and pay by smartphone.

With the new Scan & Go payment service, Decathlon offers the possibility of autonomous and therefore completely contactless shopping in selected stores. Scanning and payment is done via smartphone, with RFID security automatically deactivated. To use this function, you must be a member of the MyDecathlon programme.

Scan & Go can be downloaded as an app, but can also be used as a web interface – free WLAN is available in all Scan & Go stores. Existing customers log in with their account data, new customers must first open a MyDecathlon account.

Scan & Go is comparable to a shopping cart in an online shop. The customer scans the desired products with his own smartphone and places them in his personal digital shopping cart. When payment is made, the article security is deactivated and the customer can leave the store.

So far, the new service is available in the stores in Plochingen, Berlin-Hauptbahnhof, Ludwigshafen, Schwetzingen, Cologne-Marsdorf, München-Connect, München-Mona and Wallau. Further branches are to follow shortly.

“With Scan & Go we are taking the shopping experience at Decathlon to a new level”, said Stefan Hertkorn, project manager at Decathlon at the launch of the new payment method. “Here we are implementing the discounter principle of fast shopping even more consistently by making the speed and convenience of online payment available in our stationary stores. A faster and more convenient shopping experience where you can be completely autonomous and avoid any contact.”

Queue to enter the Decathlon store in Largo Cairoli/ Milan

Photo: Imago Images / Independent Photo Agency Int.

Queue to enter the Decathlon store in Largo Cairoli/ Milan

Decathlon is collaborating with the British retail technology start-up MishiPay for this solution. Their solution is already being used by other retailers – tests have been conducted with Mango and MediaMarkt Saturn, among others. According to Mango, the company was satisfied with the test and plans to expand the project further. However, Decathlon says it is the first German retailer to offer this service without any additional steps such as validation by checkout staff.

A changeover to completely cashless shops is not planned, however, it is said. Scan & Go is to be an optional means of payment in the stores. In some Dutch Decathlon stores Scan & Go has already been in use for several months.

Decathlon is represented worldwide with over 2190 branches in 57 countries. In Germany there are currently 81 branches – and the number is growing: Last week the third branch in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg-Langenhorn opened its doors, and openings in Fulda and Erding are also planned for this year. In Weiterstadt near Darmstadt, Germany’s largest Decathlon branch is scheduled to open in autumn.

This article was originally published on the website of our sister magazine You can read the original German version here.


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