January 22, 2021

Daycare Activity Timepieces : Daycare-at-Home watch

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Keeping children on a schedule is a great way to help them maintain a routine, so the conceptual ‘Daycare-at-Home’ watch has been designed with this in mind. The watch features a color-coded design that breaks daily activities down into five areas including orange, pink, green, blue and black for food & snacks, learning activities, physical activities, story time & bonding and quiet time & sleep, respectively. This will enable littles ones to know exactly what’s coming next in their schedule to never feel as though they are aimlessly going through their day.

The conceptual ‘Daycare-at-Home’ watch is the design work of Paul Kweton and Elif Altinay for Studio PAULBAUT, and features a soft silicone band that would be comfortable enough for daily wear on a child’s wrist.


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