July 25, 2021

Can this app make shopping more sustainable?

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Renoon is a new online platform/app that aggregates sustainable fashion products. By bringing together the offerings of different websites in a single place, it aims to help users to find sustainable collections from their favorite brands more easily and discover and learn more about new labels that produce according to responsible values.

The website is collecting together more than one million products from over 200 partner brands. Brands and multibrand retailers such as Stella McCartney, Vestiaire Collective and Luisaviaroma Sustainable are part of its offering.

The site and app also present a selection of secondhand items and works as a search platform in Europe for renting vintage pieces, while accessing fashion sustainably for occasion-wear.

Renoon was founded in Amsterdam in February 2020 and has gathered a successful round of funding with industry investors, including Gucci’s ex-CIO, Moleskine’s CFO, Spotify’s ex-MD, former CTO Yoox Net-à-Porter Group, as well as C.L.A.S.S., an international hub for smart and responsible fashion and textiles. The platform was also selected by Prada as one of the ten most promising FashionTech startups in the Startup Bootcamp program in Milan in 2020.

Iris Skami, Renoon’s founder and CEO, explained how this platform was founded and how it can help to make shopping more sustainable.

Renoon team (from left): Gabriele Trapani, Iris Skrami, Nicolo Tresoldi, Piero Puttini

Renoon team (from left): Gabriele Trapani, Iris Skrami, Nicolo Tresoldi, Piero Puttini

When did you start Renoon and how did the idea come about?
The spark that gave life to this idea dates back about two years ago when I found myself investing a month and a half of my time in the search for a black dress, instead of the usual ten minutes, because I wanted to make a responsible purchase. After that unsustainable experience for the modern pace of life and the ease with which we are used to concluding every daily action, I realized that to make sustainability mainstream and accessible to all we needed a smart and easy-to-use tool. With our team we managed to create a platform that on the one hand helps brands communicate sustainability in a totally new way and on the other revolutionizes the way consumers buy fashion by putting their values at the center.

I had already been working in the fashion industry for some years at the European headquarters of Nike and PVH and after discovering the big problems in fashion I had two options: leave the industry or focus my passion on changing things.

How does Renoon work for consumers? What criteria can they follow in searching for products and purchasing them?
Renoon has developed proprietary technologies for the automatic processing of sustainability attributes and certificates of clothing for brands in general and single products. This allows customers to make a conscious choice according to five areas of impact: environmental protection, social respect, animal ethics, technology and innovation, and new methods of consumption. When users register in the app they are immersed in a world of “themes” to which they can choose to contribute. Based on one’s preferences in style and values, Renoon works to suggest brands and products that best reflect those of each single user.

The goal of Renoon is to bring light and transparency in the buying process. Hence, its name: “noon” means midday in English and is the time when the sun is the highest throughout the day.
Renoon is then a true showcase that aggregates the availability of items from multiple sites simultaneously. The buying process is completed on the partner sites.

Kuyichi is one of Renoon's partners

Kuyichi is one of Renoon’s partners

By what criteria do you determine that a brand or a platform can sell through your app? What credentials or certifications do you require to participate in your platform?
The criteria are at the brand and product level. This serves to bring distinction between what are the claims at the level of corporate responsibility and the sustainability contained within the product in practice. Renoon has developed a proprietary algorithm and a system that allows us to extract product-level information from partner sites (both on the sites and hidden in the partner’s databases), process it and automatically present it on Renoon. The sustainability framework controls the composition, type of materials and processes used, as well as certifications. For brand-level information, Renoon uses both technology and human control. The sustainability framework is public and downloadable on our website. To be on Renoon, it is therefore necessary and critical that sites have basic levels of transparency.

What percentage of sales do you retain from brands selling through your system?
From 5% to 20% depending on the partner’s site. Our business model is public on the site and app.

What customers use your app?
Currently, the Renoon experience is available in the Netherlands and our focus are now women ages 21 to 35. Our already strong community is expanding by the day, and we plan to expand it internationally in the coming years. Our early adopter is a conscious consumer for whom sustainability is key.


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