May 6, 2021

Camp Sarika Vs. Amangiri | Damsel In Dior

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A few weeks ago I received an e-mail inviting me to come review, take photos and share my experience of the brand new Camp Sarika at Amangiri.

I’ll just say they didn’t have to twist my arm (I love my job).

Back in 2018, Grant and I saved up for a stay at the infamous Amangiri hotel. It was hands down one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had, So when they wrote me about the new Camp Sarika, which features a cluster of 10 canvas-topped pavilions, I knew I was in for an extra special treat.

In a nutshell, the experience was incredible. After months of quarantine, weeks of helicopters swarming over the city of Los Angeles and nightly fireworks blasting in the distance, I was immediately awestruck by the stillness and quietness.

Amangiri and Camp Sarika are located in an enclave of meditative seclusion in one of the most geologically dramatic places on Earth.

Camp Sarika is located a short hike or drive from the main hotel of Amangiri. The property rests among the unearthly 600-acre landscape of towering slot canyons and beautifully rust-colored sands. Each of the tented retreats offers a private pool and share a restaurant and main pool area.

Outside of the expected “oohs” and “aahs” from my readers, one of the most commonly asked questions for those who are genuinely interested in visiting Amangiri and Camp Sarika is “how does one compare to the other” OR “which one is better?”

It’s complicated, but if you scroll below I’ll offer a full breakdown of my take aways.

The Location

Camp Sarika is located a bit off the beaten path from the main Amangiri hotel which is superb for people looking for a remote escape. You literally don’t have to see anyone your entire stay if you don’t want to!

The rooms at the main property have easier access to the main pool, restaurant and spa. However, Camp Sarika does have it’s own set up with a restaurant, pool and common areas of its own so you don’t have to sweat making the hike {or golf cart ride} up the main property for everything. In fact, you don’t have to ever go to the main property if you don’t want to. Although I would strongly suggest setting up a dinner in the Amangiri restaurant.

The Rooms

Both the camp and main property envelop the same classic and modern approach to design as all Aman properties do. Honestly, the Amangiri rooms versus the Camp Sarika rooms is like comparing apples to oranges.

While the Camp Sarika rooms feel a bit more laid back than the main rooms, they also feel more spacious than the Amangiri rooms. Also, the inside of the room bleeds into the exterior living space in a seamless way. Speaking of outdoor space, Camp Sarika feels more welcoming to visitors hoping to spend time outdoors. The camp fire set up and pool area is completely exposed, with no walls surrounding, yet feels entirely private. The set up is perfect for people traveling with children.

Camp Sarika has a total of 10 tents, 5 are one bedroom and 5 are two bedroom and you can request additional beds can be provided to accommodate families of all sizes.

I would suggest staying two nights at Amangiri and two nights at Camp Sarika for the best of both worlds!

The Food

Aah, the food! In the main pavilion at Camp Sarika, the Restaurant serves a daily changing menu of wilderness-inspired meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests are also welcome to take advantage of the restaurant at Amangiri whenever they want. We went back and forth between all of the options and the food never missed a mark! Even when we made special requests, the kitchens were always very accommodating.

Special Experiences

On our first trip, we set up the Sunset Trail happy hour experience which was amazing {you can read about it here}. This time we were treated to “Dinner on the Rocks.” Regardless of room type, these experiences are a must do for anyone going to Amangiri. They do such an impeccable job with planning extra special activities for guests.


Speaking of activities, the last time we visited Amangiri I was pregnant so we opted for the guided tour of Rattlesnake Canyon. I honestly thought it couldn’t get much better than that. But then on our trip last week the property set up their popular Via Ferrata which ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. Be sure to book in advance because this popular activity sells out quickly. But don’t stress, there are more than enough options for outdoor adventures for all guests of Amangiri and Camp Sarika.

I’ll be writing a full separate blog post about the below rock climbing experience soon!

The Take Away

Argh, I wish I could tell you that one is better than the other but it’s just too hard to say! I love both equally and for different reasons!!! (Don’t make me pick!).

Please keep me posted if any of you make a visit to this amazing property! I’d love to see your photos and hear all about your experience!



xoxo jacey


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