August 5, 2021

Buffalo extends its vegan offer

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German footwear brand Buffalo is aiming to become more sustainable, announcing for fall/winter 2021/22 that its offer of Peta-approved vegan products will be extended to over 80 percent of the whole collection. Styles labeled vegan will use only materials and components without animal ingredients, Buffalo stated. For the select few styles with leather components, the company sources raw materials from certified suppliers who work according to the environmental and social guidelines of the internationally recognized Leather Working Group.

The gradual switch from leather to alternative materials without animal origin and animal components is to be part of Buffalo’s long-term sustainability strategy. In the first step, genuine leather will be replaced by synthetic materials – upon request the shoe brand has not yet indicated exactly which qualities are used for production.

Buffalo sees in the renunciation of leather the possibility to optimize the ecological footprint, because according to current studies the company relies on synthetic leather has a significantly smaller ecological footprint than animal leather, since the methane that cows emit accelerates global warming, pastureland destroys biodiversity, and from breeding to leather tanning water is consumed in large quantities and chemical waste is produced.

Buffalo vegan footwear campaign image

Buffalo vegan footwear campaign image

Within the fall/winter collection, all sneakers will be Peta-approved vegan, such as models like the basketball-inspired RSE sneaker, the CLD Run, and the mountaineering-influenced Trail hybrid models with massive trekking soles.
Likewise, boots, optionally in matte materials, suede haptics or high-gloss patent looks, as well as heels in metallic facets or in clean versions are to complement the vegan range.

Buffalo was founded in 1979 and acquired by the Deichmann Group in 2016 that also aims to implement a more sustainable production and offers vegan footwear.


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