May 13, 2021

Brands: Label To Watch: Am-Lul

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Am-Lul is a no-season women’s apparel brand founded by its creative director, Gala González, a Spanish fashion designer with more than ten years experience in the fashion industry.

After designing capsule collections for brands such as Mango, Adolfo Dominguez, Tous, Superga and Pompeii, among others, in 2019 she finally decided to take a step further and launch her own clothing brand that is 100% designed and made in Spain.

Outfit by Am-Lul

Outfit by Am-Lul

The idea to create this brand was in González’s mind way before it became a reality. “I used to travel so often that I soon realized I needed clothes that would adjust to me, not the other way around. For this reason all the pieces at Am-Lul have been designed to be worn from winter to summer and from day to night,” explains the founder/designer.

The collection offers no-season, limited edition, ethically produced items like, for instance, dresses, tops, knitwear, jeans and jackets according to its founder’s philosophy focused on responsible consumption.

Look by Am-Lul

Look by Am-Lul

“In Am-Lul we conceive each of our collections under the name of ‘Drop,’” explains González. “Each drop is composed of unique limited edition pieces and once they are sold out we don’t restock them. We are happy we can produce unique yet affordable luxury garments that our customers will be able to enjoy for many years,” she continues. “All of them are handmade in Spain in local factories and workshops that contribute to fair trade and responsible consumption. We are proud to support the national industry by contributing to the development, design and manufacture of ethically made garments in Spain. We also try to educate our clients to understand the importance of knowing where and how their clothes are made.”

The collection offers up to four drops annually divided into small launches, so it can deliver new pieces about every two months through its website and soon via multibrand stores worldwide at retail prices that range between €80 and €500.


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