June 23, 2021

Brands: Label to Watch: AleksandraViktor

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One garment is the focus of designer Aleksandra Jagdfeld and her Berlin-based high-end label AleksandraViktor: the coat.

The debut collection consists of unisex Ikat Chapan coats in nine different patterns that are meant to catch the eye because of their colors and patterns, but are also because of their timeless and versatile look.
AleksandraViktor’s fabrics (the second half of the name is her son’s first name) are made of 50% silk and 50% cotton and are woven as one-of-a-kind pieces in Uzbekistan under Jagdfeld’s creative direction by a team of local artisans. The coats are then manufactured in limited editions in Germany and come in one size.

Ikat coat by AleksandraViktor

Ikat coat by AleksandraViktor

Ikat is a traditional weaving technique used in different parts of the world, where the yarn is dyed in sections before being processed on the loom. This treatment and conversion of the threads creates irregular colourings that become unique geometric patterns. This very rudimentary technique is recognised and used in various cultures along the historical silk road. The specific cloud-like patterns of an Uzbek Ikat coat, specifically on a Chapan style are unique to the region. Worn by men and women alike throughout Central Asia, the often oversized sleeves protect against cold and were an expression of polite withdrawal when showing bare skin. Jagdfeld ́s goal is to support local manufacturing groups all over the world and help them thrive again in the era of fast fashion.

Currently, AleksandraViktor is only sold through its own website. The retail price of a coat is €1,975.

Coat by AleksandraViktor

Coat by AleksandraViktor


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