August 3, 2021

Boutet – the Latin way to minimalism

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Boutet is a women’s apparel brand launched in 2020 by the French designer Coco Boutet, who previously worked for luxury houses such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Celine.

The Paris-based line offers timeless clean-look pieces added with a speck of nostalgia. The designer’s aim is to create clothes that last for a long time with durable shapes and fabrics, mostly made with sustainable materials such as regenerated nylon, upcycled wool and leather. “I use a mix of sustainable fabrics including materials made with Ecovero, Econyl and Nativa yarns. All leather is upcycled leather coming from French or Italian suppliers, labels are made from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) fibers and buttons are all in Eco Gala,” explains the designer.

Coco Boutet, founder/designer, Boutet

Photo: Boutet via Twitter

Coco Boutet, founder/designer, Boutet

The brand, whose whole manufacturing process is handled in Europe, is built with the aim to tell a story. “My brand is meant to talk about a child that had to grow fast,” says Boutet while referring to pieces that are purposely designed to look too big.

“Boutet offers a Latin way of being minimal. The brand wants to be inclusive and wearable with high standards of creativity. My creations are inspired by my memories of the recklessness of the ’80s, the search of the future, traces of ancient civilizations, minerals, space and life on Earth,” she adds, implying that Brutalism architecture and Land Art are inspiration elements at the center of her universe. “Boutet is an unreal dream moved by a sense of familiarity and recurrent travel in your version of the reality,” she continues.

To promote the f/w 2021-22 collection, the designer has involved Jose Maria Solanes who directed a fashion film shot through a Super 8 camera. “This movie is a homage to Brutalism, an architecture from the past that represents our vision for tomorrow. Walking around Brutalist monuments provoking mixed emotions that emerge from inhuman and nurturing shapes, rigid and organic, passé and avant-garde. The brutality of the present moment meets a fantasized possible. The honest expression of shapes is a quality that is easy to appreciate in times that call for increased transparency,” she says.

The collection is sold through its e-commerce website,, as an affordable luxury brand. Prices range from €350 for a skirt, €470 for a dress, €1,240 for a jacket to €2,250 for a leather coat. It is aimed at women with a great personality or, as the designer says: “Our motto is strong volume for strong personalities.”


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