October 31, 2020

Big Bang GMT All Black

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The Hublot x Yohji Yamamoto Big Bang GMT All Black is a new model of the brand’s signature timepiece that has been enhanced with the fashion stylings of the namesake designer to offer aficionados a high-end option to pick up.

The timepiece has a bespoke design that is characterized by a transparent dial that reveals all of the inner workings that keep the accessory running. The watch is limited to just 50 examples and is accented by the iconic Japanese fashion designer underneath the smoked sapphire crystal.

The Hublot x Yohji Yamamoto Big Bang GMT All Black was boasted by Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe who said, “We are honored to celebrate the opening of our new flagship boutique in Tokyo with fashion designer super star Yohji Yamamoto. This All Black limited edition we created together expresses a simple beauty through the fusion of Yohji Yamamoto’s black design signature and the complicated GMT manufacture movement.”

Image Credit: Hublot

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