October 21, 2020

Best Face Wipes for a Breakout-Free Summer

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Whether you’re sweating after your outdoor workout or wrapping up a grueling hike but aren’t close to home, it’s never a bad idea to have a few face wipes ready to go in your pack or pocket. Here are some of our favorite face wipes to consider adding to your on-the-go grooming routine this summer. They more or less cover every base on their own, but we’ve targeted specific situations where each one excels best.

Art of Sport face and body wipes
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Best for Outdoor Athletes: Art of Sport Face and Body Wipes

These soothing, aloe-packed wipes are your post-workout reboot, especially if you can’t shower within the first minutes of finishing. They’ll wipe sweat, dirt, and grime from the face, and can then be used to wipe down anything else, like the droplets trickling down your arms or backside. They calm the skin, too, after a sunny workout, and they cool it with tingling mint so you know it’s working. Pack it in your gym bag, too, to unclog pores after a pump and before you get home to rinse off.

[$8; target.com]

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Oars and Alps caffeinated, exfoliating face and body wipes
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Best for a Midday Pick-Me-Up: Oars and Alps Caffeinated, Exfoliating Face and Body Wipes

Like a cup of coffee to get you through the latter half of the day, these cooling wipes also have gentle “crystals” on the surface that help buff away dead skin as they unclog pores. They’re loaded with caffeine for this same purpose, to boost circulation in the face, as if you just took a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. You’ll have to work for the weekend for the real deal, but these things should tide you over till then—and till 6 p.m. each weekday.

[$16; amazon.com]

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Ursa Major biodegradable 4-in-1 face wipes
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Best for Hikers and Campers: Ursa Major Biodegradable 4-in-1 face Wipes

Ursa Major made these biodegradable wipes as an on-the-go alternative to its much-adored face tonic. Each wipe contains that tonic, which dissolves dead skin and unclogs pores, while removing grime, hydrating the skin, and toning it. It’s a full skincare regimen, and it’s perfect for the grooming lover who moonlights as a hiker or camper.

[$24; amazon.com]

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Cetaphil gentle cleansing cloths
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Best for Sensitive Skin: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths

Some guys want to stock some cleansing wipes but prefer to skip the individual wrappings (bless their eco-friendly hearts). The same can be said for guys with sensitive skin, which is further aggravated by things like sweat, UV exposure, and shaving. If either sounds like you, then Cetaphil’s gentle cleansing cloths will flush away the bad stuff without any disruption.

[$6; amazon.com]

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Fulton & Roark aftershave cloths
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Best for Frequent Shavers: Fulton & Roark Aftershave Cloths

Formulated as a post-shave skin savior, these cooling cloths are also great for a canvas-clearing refresh. They’re great for sensitive skin or for guys who frequently shave—perhaps you’re particularly sweaty a few hours after shaving and want a second application of skin-toning witch hazel and bacteria-fighting tea tree oil. These cloths have both of those ingredients, along with sage, bergamot, and eucalyptus to cool and wake up your skin.

[$28; fultonandroark.com]

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