June 22, 2021

Beautiful Mirrors – Julia Berolzheimer

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Matteau Dress, Gianvito Rossi Sandals; Fleur Home x Riley Sheehey Mirror

A mirror can really open up a room, reflecting light, decor, a beautiful garden, or an amazing view. I’ve placed several mirrors around the house for both convenience and a pleasing aesthetic. This large hand-painted floral mirror recently found it’s way into our home, eventually landing in our master hallway. Mirrors come in a wide assortment of colors, patternstextures, shapes, and sizes. I prefer to mix styles to go with the theme of each room. No matter what anyone says, there is really no wrong shape or size – it all depends on the overall effect you are hoping to achieve. For a bit of style inspiration, see my current selection of beautiful mirrors below.

This colorful mirror adds both beauty and charm, with hand-painted florals and a scalloped edge. It also comes in two different sizes (we have the large floor-to-ceiling style).

We have an antique mirror similar to this style hanging in our entryway. I love how the woven texture adds a relaxed, neutral tone.

A coral-inspired edging adds unique texture and design to this beautiful mirror.


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