June 25, 2021

Beach Bags – Julia Berolzheimer

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Matteau Swimsuit, Shorts, Sandals & Bag

This time of year, we always seem to have a beach bag packed at the ready by the front door. Make that two beach bags – one with beach toys for C and at least one more with essentials like sunblock, sunglasses, towels, lip balm, hats, etc. I mainly rely on my largest woven and canvas totes to handle these beach bag duties, but am look for new styles each spring and summer to refresh well-worn ones as well. See some of the ones I’ve been eyeing most recently below.

Canvas totes provide the durability needed for day-to-day use. This one is actually woven from plastic bottles and has beautiful grosgrain ribbon detail that I love.

A classic over-sized straw tote is a must-have for year-round use, but especially in the spring and summer months for day trips and weekend outings.

We love using this versatile, water-resistant canvas beach cooler/tote to carry snacks, drinks, and anything we want to keep cool. It even comes with a handy attached bottle opener.


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