October 22, 2021

Autumal Accents – Julia Berolzheimer

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Outfit Details:

Cleobella Dress, Converse Sneakers (Little Cotton Clothes Dress on C)

I draw so much inspiration from natural elements when it comes to decorating for fall. This year we headed to the pumpkin farm as soon as they opened and let Clementine pick out pumpkins in different shapes and sizes to decorate our front porch. C was in her own little world at the pumpkin patch, seeming to find her favorites in groups of five, which added up to a lot of pumpkins to take home! Inside, decorative faux pumpkins, new fragrant spice candles, green and botanical pillows, and throws, and handcrafted baskets filled with fresh apples are displayed throughout the house to welcome the autumn season.

mosaic block print belted dress


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