January 15, 2021

Automotive Transmission Timepieces : BackFire Automatic Watch

1 min read

The BackFire Automatic Watch is an automobile-inspired timepiece for those who are looking for a style-conscious accessory that doesn’t skimp when it comes to an ultra-modern functionality.

The watch has an automotive transmission-like system on the interior that utilizes the imbalance of the auto rotor to initiate the movement of gears within. This acts as the power source for the timepiece and will work to keep it functional at all times.

The BackFire Automatic Watch features a crown design that draws inspiration from the F1 Fuel cap and further enhances the automotive-like aesthetic of the accessory. The timepiece is also paired with a series of lugs on either side of the case to keep it in place at all times, while also adding further style intrigue.


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