May 11, 2021

Artistic Handwritten Dial Watches : ana-digi temp

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BEAMS introduces another iteration of the Citizen Ana-Digi Watch for the season, updating the traditional piece with contemporary design elements. The retro timepiece boasts futuristic aesthetics with a skeletonized look, exposing details in a sleek manner. The newest iteration is spotlighted by BEAMS’ penmanship, as the dial is completely handwritten for a personal touch.

The text placement can be found right next to the buttons and the numbers are replaced with a handwritten font in place of the standard typeface by Citizen. Some of the details that remain the same include the temperature sensor function, the chronograph display, alarm display, calendar display, and the anadigi display. Rounding out the design are logos that reference BEAMS at the case back and special packaging

Image Credit: Citizen, BEAMS


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