April 11, 2021

Ariana Grande Wore Black Sweats to Go on Quarantine Hike

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It’s been months since Ariana Grande—and most other celebrities, save for Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas—have been regularly photographed out, all glammed up, and living their best Los Angeles lives. But Grande was photographed out walking in Los Angeles over the weekend, wearing all black sweats with her hair up in its signature luxe high ponytail. Paired with a black mask and her dog Toulouse leased and walking alongside her, she looked great.

Grande hasn’t been captured much during the coronavirus pandemic, but paparazzi have started catching her again this month. She was last photographed on June 18, headed to the gym in a white sweat set. She matched her face mask to that outfit too.

Grande otherwise has been updating her social media regularly. On Father’s Day, she posted a sweet tribute to her dad. She wrote, “i am so proud to be your daughter @edbutera ! i don’t think i’ll ever really be able to articulate the depth of joy and wholeness i have felt thanks to these moments together. i’m so grateful every day ! i can’t wait for more adventures and am so incredibly proud of our journey. every part of it !! 🖤 thank u for making so many trips to see me when i am on the road and just need a hug. thank u for always knowing what to say and making me laugh on facetime, for communicating only via “best in show” quotes sometimes and for being such a light in my life. happy father’s day !!!!! 🚤 🎣”

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